Mantic is a brand of Saga instruments. Mantic means prophecy and prophecy. Mantic by saga means prophetic legend and romantic legend. Mantic inherits Saga's fine quality pedigree, specially tailored for entry-level musicians such high-quality, cost-effective guitar.
Mantic's design focuses on timbre and feel, and he takes full account of the comfort of musicians. The selection of materials is rigorous, considering from different angles, comprehensive price ratio has won the support and support of musicians. For middle and low-end practical users High cost-effective folk song original wooden guitar.

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The word "Manticore" originates from the ancient Persian language and is a kind of divine animal named "Scorpion Lion". Scorpion lion love is a pairing of 12 constellations of love dazzling, profound, and represents a kind of eternity and ideal. Scorpion is an animal that can be reborn after robbery. It can not be easily conquered. Lions are born for dignity. The eternal belief in love between Scorpion and Lion is the brand concept of Mantic guitar. Therefore, remove "ore" from "Mantic ore" and leave "Mantic" as the name of the brand.
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