I. Maintenance Notes

1. SAGA guitar is wood material, the best humidity is between 45% and 60%, the temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, to avoid direct sunlight, if the air environment is too humid, you can put some desiccant in the box; if the weather is dry, you can use humidifier or put a basin of water to increase humidity, when not using, you can put the guitar in the box as far as possible to reduce the impact of external air.

2. Place it flat or on the guitar shelf when you are free. Avoid sticking to the ground and relying on the corner of the wall to avoid accidental damage to the guitar.

3. Guitar has been used for a long time or exposed for a long time. It is easy to accumulate a layer of dust or dirt on the body of the guitar. Many people do not pay attention to it, but it has a great impact on the experience of the guitar. Therefore, we need to develop good habits of using the guitar at ordinary times and remove it when found.

4. Maintenance of fingerboard is also very important. It is easy to stick sweat on fingerboard when playing. Sweat has a certain corrosive effect on wood. It is best to regularly apply fingerboard care oil and prevent fingerboard from drying and cracking.

5. When not in use for a long time, the strings can be relaxed about two times to reduce the tension of the strings on the guitar panel.

2. The following circumstances are not covered by the warranty:

1. The serial number of the guitar has been changed or modified without authorization of the organization or individual of our company.

2. Any man-made scratches, bumps and cracks in the course of use are not covered by the warranty because of improper maintenance, such as high temperature and chemical corrosion damage.

3. Wood cracking, deformation and degumming caused by improper preservation.

4. Damage to products caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, floods) and improper transportation or storage.

5. Guitar bags, batteries, strings, accessories and other consumables;

6. The metal parts such as chord buttons and tastes are rusted or damaged due to long service time.

7. The counterfeit products purchased and the products purchased from non-mainland China are not covered by the warranty.

8. The right of final interpretation and modification of this warranty shall be vested in SAGA Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.

III. Service description:

Because guitar is very professional, it is impossible to make an accurate judgement of the problems and phenomena only by telephone or pictures. Therefore, our company does not provide after-sales service directly facing users, but accepts the supervision and complaints from users on the after-sales service of merchants.

If users need after-sales service, they need to communicate and judge with the supplier of the product, and then the merchant initiates relevant after-sales service to our company.

IV. Service Supervision:

Address: Huiyang Freshwater Fortune Building, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, Hong Kong Saga Instrument Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0752-3263336

Fax: 0752-3761538-8006

E-mail address: sagaguitar@yeah.net

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